Looking to scale your business? Interested in being a high-growth, high-profit real estate investment organization?

The Elite Membership provides the mentorship, strategy and tools that real estate operators need to reach success. The membership includes:

Elite-level Mentorship

Receive elite-level mentorship and gain exclusive access and insights:

  • Attendance to 3+ annual Elite Events
  • Full day 1-on-1 business strategy session with Don Wenner in St. Augustine, FL
  • Full implementation of Elite Execution System in your business including implementation sessions on-site or off site with your leadership team
  • Annual “Behind the Scenes” tours of multi-family and new construction properties, as well as on-site due diligence
  • Training and usage of personality and cognitive insight tools
  • Monthly Real Estate and Elite Execution System meetings & Q&A Session

Capital Partnership

Scale your business with priority access to capital and DLP Deals. Elevate with the potential for exclusive equity investments:

  • 5MM Line of Credit for real estate investments
  • Access to our Express Loan program
  • Priority access to DLP Deals
  • Potential for equity investment

Membership Benefits

We are actively adding new features, including:

  • DLP Marketplace¬†
  • Building an Elite Organization book for all employees
  • Elite Tools¬†
  • Elite System University Access
  • Membership Community

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