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How Implementing the DLP Elite Execution System (EES) has Impacted The Early Success of Brite Homes

DLP Brite Homes is a Florida-based homebuilder, focused on providing high performing and energy-efficient homes at an affordable price. Founded in 2018 by Oren Segev, an entrepreneurial Investor with over eleven years experience in real estate, all five of DLP Brite Homes’ floor plan designs come standard with smart and power-saving appliances with no upgrades or hidden fees. Their mission is based on five values: innovation, fortitude, integrity, community, and sustainability. As one of the area’s largest Zero energy ready builders, the company is dedicated to the well-being of the environment while providing affordable and high quality living to both home buyers and home renters.

While the concept of a highly efficient and environmentally conscious home builder was empowering, Brite Homes struggled over the last few years on executing an equally high performing business structure. Segev comments, “There were no checks and balances and I felt like I had to complete a personal ‘to do’ list for everyone in the company. This left me feeling like I had to work 10 times harder.”

Shannon Danford, DLP Brite Marketing Manager, comments, “Everyone was moving in several different directions. We knew that our business plan was not working well, but we didn’t know why. There was no accountability, no metrics, not enough answers, and the team was uninspired.” Without a proper execution plan, Brite Homes would not exist for long.

Enter DLP Real Estate Capital

In July 2019, Don Wenner, Founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, purchased Brite Homes, ultimately merging the company with his own. Segev was a personal friend of Wenner’s and was also a borrower with DLP’s Direct Lending Partners.  Wenner commented, “Brite Homes was a perfect fit with the DLP family of companies as we are both focused on providing solutions for and from real estate.” Wenner was also keenly aware of the company’s lack of business structure and quickly incorporated DLP’s Elite Execution System (EES).

EES First Steps

Transitioned to President of DLP Brite Homes after the merger, Robert Kociecki wasted no time in implementing EES company-wide. Kociecki says, “The first step was having all team members identify their roles and responsibilities. The merger was a fresh slate and this simple task helped clarify our operations moving forward. Among many things, we established a system of quarterly goals, or Rocks, starting with our leadership team and continuing through the entire organization.”

Meetings Frequency and Structure

One of the core tenets of EES is communication, which frequently comes in the form of in-person or virtual meetings. These collective meetups are a critical component to EES and actually save time that would be spent on solving individual issues. Danford adds, “Initially it was a lot of meetings, but they end up being an efficient use of our time because of the meeting structure. Issues often get resolved in one meeting rather than months and months going by with no resolutions.”


Positive Outcomes

  • Daily huddles helped improve communication.
  • L10 Meetings kept the team organized with to-do’s, follow-ups, and issues needing solving. They also highlighted successes, both personally and professionally.
  • Pipeline Reports helped to clarify how the business looked from a linear perspective and provided actionable steps in order to understand the flow of operations.
  • Alignments were conducted with all team members in the first thirty days, allowing team members and their supervisors to converse freely and establish a better working relationship.
  • From a marketing perspective, the team significantly increased social media followers: from 1500 Facebook followers to over 3000+ in less than one month and from 300 Instagram followers to over 1000 followers. Engagement has increased by 40% from simply scheduling appointments to actually answering questions from prospective buyers.

Segev comments, “Implementing EES benefitted every single one of our employees at DLP Brite Homes. For example, prior to establishing rocks, the ability to hold team members accountable on why we weren’t accomplishing certain tasks was difficult to understand. Now, we are breaking records in terms of performance.”

More Traffic & Increased Leads

Danford, who heads up Brite’s marketing team was astonished at the increase in website traffic. She comments, “Our new transparency was definitely appreciated. One of our home buying ads had 1,500 ‘likes’ – numbers we’ve never seen before. Our team worked hard to respond to over 300 questions from web and social media visitors.”

With clear and transparent data, DLP Brite Homes was now better structured and could begin building internal competition with their sales agents. Kociecki continues, “As we continue to grow, our metrics will change but with full transparency, you can’t run from the numbers. We’ll know if we hit our goals and if not, we can determine how we can get there.”

Better Morale

The implementation of EES resulted in stronger and higher employee morale throughout the company. Segev comments, “When the merger announcement was made, there was uncertainty, understandably. However, team members jumped on board and were eager to learn. Now everyone is engaged and with renewed confidence, new leaders are emerging within the company.”

Team members’ self-confidence soared. One employee wrote on her social media page:

Before EES was introduced, I used to “Go to Work.” Now, I drive to work while listening to the newest Driven 4 Greatness book provided to me for FREE in a company Audible account. I’ve read six books in the last few months  – I hadn’t read one book in the last three years before that.

I’ve quit smoking after twenty-two years, something I always wanted to do before but never pushed myself to actually try. With the Elite Execution System, I made quitting a personal rock and I stuck to it! It’s the last week in Q3 and I can confidently say I have QUIT Smoking!

In three short months, I am Living A Fuller Life and loving every minute of every day! I love my job, I love the people I get to work with, and I’m constantly working on ways to improve myself and the job I do!

At DLP Brite Homes, we are ALL moving together towards common goals constantly holding each other accountable, getting aligned with our direct report, and increasing productivity! Our work culture is thriving & I couldn’t be happier! 

Interested in learning more about how you can incorporate DLP’s Elite Execution System into your own business or organization? Email us and start the conversation. Creating a clear strategic plan for your company will ultimately lead to greater and long-lasting success.